Saturday, December 5, 2009

the dallas flea

My creative friend, Gloria Burson (Out of My Gourd) , and I participated in the inaugural dallas flea this past weekend. It is an upscale flea market held at Southside on Lamar that will be held several times a year. We met so many people and loved the venue. Here are some shots of our space.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

tie a knot!

My favorite project of this season! This adorable hand stamped ribbon is made of muslin and I had more fun stamping away! Can't wait to wrap all of my Christmas gifts in it this year with a backdrop of plain brown paper. I coffee stained the tags and scented them with vanilla...mmm so sweet! Each card holds 3 yards and some are even glitterfied. Better yet, this ribbon can
be used over and over again. So tie a knot or a bow...either will make a darling package!

leave your mark bookmarks!

Don't you love it when you held on to something just waiting for the right idea to come along? I was given this gorgeous vintage velvet ribbon from France a year ago and had no idea what I would do with it. The colors so beautiful and the spools equally as such. Then I saw this clever idea of making bookmarks out of ribbon. I climbed into my attic to find another stash of something just waiting for the right idea...a collection of forgotten jewels...some had once been earrings, pins and necklaces from my grandmother's things. I put them away 10 years ago along with many other goodies from her estate. I had found the perfect thing, these lovely bookmarks! Treasures to behold and hold a place in your book whether you are reading it or not. Just beautiful little baubles that sparkle and have new life!

functional & fancy coasters!

Who knew coasters could be so pretty? Everything looks beautiful behind this little round of glass which magnifies and shines in the light. It's almost a shame to cover them with a beverage! I use them for my jewelry, change and yes, of course, my drinks. The monogrammed one's are my favorite, so personal. So drink up!


A close second to my most favorite project this season...adorned clothespins! Have you ever seen anything so cute? I have scraps of paper galore. Just can't bear the thought of throwing them away. I save almost everything as if it were a work of art and you never know what is in store! So clip until your heart's content. I plan on hanging my Christmas cards from ribbon with these adorable clothespins. Another whimsey...oh so fun!!!

stamp & business cards!

I'm official...I have a name and a logo!!! After years of doing what I do, this name kept coming up. A running joke that all I do is cut and paste and it stuck! Thanks to Alexis and Creth for branding me and helping me with my are the best team! The pink tags are my business cards...just flip them over for the scoop. What's in a name?